Gabriel Escalante
Mr. Slough
Gabriel Escalante
Mr. Slough
Period 4 Science 10
Jacob’s Syndrome
The syndrome is not inherited, but it usually happens during the formation of sperm cells. The father would give the child an extra Y chromosome. Most males are XY, males with Jacob’s syndrome called XYY males. This infrequent error can’t be prevented or predicted, and it only occurs to males.
“An error in chromosome separation during anaphase II (of meiosis II) called nondisjunction can result in sperm cells with an extra Y-chromosome”. If one of these different sperm cells is part of the genetic makeup of a child, the child will have an extra Y chromosome. This will give the male an extra Y chromosome. This syndrome is very rare, and it only occurs 1 in every 1000 male births.
- Jacob’s syndrome causes the child to grow taller than the average kid and to grow more acne.
- The child develops faster than the average
- He could have learning problems at school and delayed emotional maturity.
- The child will be around 7 centimeters taller than the average
- Behavior problems due to high testosterone
It is not preventable and the people who live with it do not carry it in their genes. But, the behavioral symptoms (which are widely between boys and grown men) are not as severe as other syndromes. Some XYY males scored less than the average on IQ tests, and they have lower mental ability. The XYY males who have dyslexia will, most of the times receive learning assistance. This depends on the families’ economic level, tutoring is not free, even for XYY males. Furthermore, XYY males have big muscles, and they are not coordinated. To use them properly, they should practice a strength-endurance sport, such as weight lifting and swimming.
On the other side, the physical symptoms could be harsh, depending on how severe the disease is. It is common for an XYY male to have birth defects, such as a crooked eye, minor outturning of the elbows, or a deformity. Nevertheless, when a joint in the XYY male is affected, analgesics, splints and crutches are used to relieve the pain. Weight reduction can also help the XYY male. Yet, if the disease is too rigid, athrodesis or diabetic neuropathy is used to calm the nerve damage.
imagesCABQD8ER.jpg This drawing shows a person with Jacob’s Syntom. He is very tall, and he has big hands. Also, you can see that he has more acne than usual.
This man is diagnosed with XYY. He has a big face, still receives special treatment for acne, and a temper he has learned to control. Physically, he has a chest deformity and a wiring problem in his left eye. However, he is physically powerful, and does strength sports to use his uncoordinated muscles correctly. Besides from a couple of differences and defects, XYY makes can grow up to be almost the same as the average XY male.