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Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

  1. The definition of SCID is the absence of T cells in your body, which make the B cells function incorrectly causing your immune system to compromise. The adaptive immune system is unpaired due to a defect in one of several possible genes. It is a severe form of immunodeficiency that doesn’t let you have contact with other humans because you would be extremely vulnerable to infectious disease. The babies if untreated usually die within one and a half years due to severe infections. SCID is the result of an immune system so compromised that it is considered absent.

  1. This genetic disease occurs by a disorder in both your B cells and your T cells that cause your immune system to almost disappear. You are born with fewer amounts of T cells which make the B cells function incorrectly which means that your immune system is going to compromise severely and you will be easily affected by infections that can easily kill you. It is a gene mutation. If you have a child diagnosed with SCID there is 50% chance that your next male child will also have it.

  1. Limitations: The severe combined immunodeficiency is a disease that only causes you bad. What I mean by this is that once you are diagnosed with SCID there is nothing beneficial about getting it. Take the case of David Vetter (the bubble boy) he was diagnosed with SCID at his second month of age. In order to survive he lived all of the process of his live in a bubble room on the Texas hospital where civilians and society could not have contact with him because his immune system was so compromised that a simple cold could kill him. He lived in this bubble room for 12 years. He died on February 22, 1984 by a bone transplant operation that went wrong. Basically this disease has no sort of benefit, because you pass most of your life alone without interacting with the nature, society etc.

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Benefits: On the other hand kids diagnosed with SCID are a benefit for future generations. This is because doctors find new medicines or different ways to treat upcoming patients who have the same disease. Now days there are many ways to treat SCID. Antibiotics protect the patients from Canadian Albicans (type of yeast) and from Pneumocystis pneumonia a PCP infection. These patients will also be given intravenous immune globulin (IVIG). These are antibioses made from b- cells that will help fight the infection in your body. Patients usually need the IVIG infusion every three weeks in order for their body to keep combating the infections. In order to drastically help the patient he/she need to go to a PGE-ADE therapy of standard treatment. This therapy helps under control the disease, and it helps 90% of the patients who pass through this therapy. The only way to cure SCID is to make a bone marrow or cord blood transplant to the patients. The operation is very dangerous and many patients die. More over the only benefit of getting SCID is that doctors will learn more about the disease and in the future they will be more prepared to cure SCID.

In order to cure SCID you will need a transplant of the bone marrow which is the flexible tissue inside the bones of the human body.

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Social: By having this disease one of the most important things that you loose is your social life. If you survive the first year with SCID then you will have to stay in a hospital room protected from human contact the rest of your life. You pass most of your life alone without interacting with family, friends etc. You have a limited choice of jobs to do because most of them need you to interact with people and live healthy something that is almost impossible if you have SCID. On the other hand this disease has a negative effect on society by isolating certain individuals from the world.

Economical: If your kid is born with SCID, in order for your child to survive you need to invest a large amount of your daily profit in order to protect your son or daughter with all the medicines and vaccines they need in their daily life. In order for your kid to receive some sort of education and to maintain your kid all of his/her life in a hospital checked by many doctors and nurses, the parents economy is severe damaged by all of the weekly checks he needs to pay for his son to live. Campaigns like SCID New Born Screening are an extra help for those kids born with this disease. Once the new born is diagnosed with SCID this campaign help the parents of the kid to pay many of the vitamins and pills the kid needs to take in order to survive and be cured from the disease.


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